Endoscopic stomach reduction
Temporary or permanent – you decide!


With the most experienced team for minimally invasive obesity treatments, Weight Doctors are the leading experts for endoscopic weight loss methods, offering both temporary and permanent stomach reduction procedures. With the Weight Doctors gastric balloon programme or the revolutionary Weight Doctors SLEEVE®, we can focus on the individual needs and goals of our patients, while still offering all the key advantages of endoscopic stomach reduction over surgical procedures. 


How is endoscopic stomach reduction different to weight loss surgery?


Until recently weight loss intervention has been dominated by surgical techniques such as Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy. Although effective, these stomach reduction techniques have been associated with high risks, serious side effects and limitations in overall quality of life.  

Now, more and more patients are seeking minimally invasive options. Endoscopic procedures: the ability to enter the stomach via the mouth and oesophagus, allow for gentler, minimally invasive procedures. No incisions or scars.

With the development of highly effective endoscopic technologies such as the pose®2 Endo-Sleeve (Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal) and the Apollo ESG (Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty) technology, this is all a thing of the past. Our exclusive Weight Doctors SLEEVE® takes these technologies and combines them with the expertise and knowledge of the most experienced medical specialists in the field of minimally invasive obesity treatments. 

The Weight Doctors SLEEVE® is a highly effective non-surgical procedure which aims to have the least possible impact on the body resulting from a medical intervention. Being a minimally invasive procedure, it therefore carries low risks and allows for a speedy recovery.

Applying the pose®2 Endo-Sleeve Technology and the Apollo ESG Technology, the Weight Doctors SLEEVE® offers a double effect for lasting weight loss, achieved as naturally as possible. On the large, curved part of the stomach, the volume of the stomach is tightened in a targeted way and thus greatly reduced. As a result, food intake is significantly reduced, and hunger is satisfied more quickly. The Weight Doctors SLEEVE® also works by narrowing the outlet of the stomach – for a quicker and longer lasting feeling of fullness. The stomach retains food longer, digests it more effectively and delays the sending of hunger signals to the brain. 

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Benefits of an endoscopic stomach reduction

Benefit #1
Your reduced stomach volume works every day: 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that your feeling of hunger and satiety is permanently regulated. Hunger attacks be gone!

Benefit #2
With a stomach reduction treatment at Weight Doctors, you’ll have no scars or incisions thanks to our minimally invasive procedures.

Benefit #3
Ultra-short recovery times. After just a long weekend you should be ready to get back to your normal routine.

Benefit #4
Our non-surgical treatments to reduce stomach volume are not only highly compatible for the body, the safety is impressive too. Risks are manageable and if therapy goes to plan, there are no persistent side effects.

At a glance

Duration of the procedure

60 minutes

Type of anesthesia

general anesthesia



Pain level





after 3-4 days




from £ 11,500

Are you looking for a reversible treatment method?
An internal coach who supports you to lose weight and shows you your limits at every meal?


If this is the case, we recommend taking a closer look at the possibilities of intragastric balloon treatment. The intragastric balloon is a non-surgical, endoscope-interventional method for the treatment of excess weight and obesity. In contrast to other procedures in the field of obesity surgery, the intragastric balloon is characterized by the fact that no scars or incisions are created during its application, nor remain after the treatment.

The intragastric balloon is inserted into the stomach via the esophagus during a simple gastroscopy, under semi-conscious sedation, and is then filled with a blue-coloured saline solution. Once the balloon is inserted, the stomach loses between 25-35% of its volume, therefore significantly reducing the volume of stomach available for food intake. This will cause our patients to eat smaller meals and remain fuller much longer.

Depending on the type of intragastric balloon chosen, it can remain in stomach for 6 to 12 months. It is removed again by means of a simple gastroscopy. If you are looking for a longer therapy duration, you may consider opting for an intragastric balloon with an adjustable volume. This has enabled patients to increase and maintain the effectiveness of the treatment over the balloon treatment.

Aleksandra’s experience with her non-surgical stomach reduction – ESG – from Weight Doctors®

Experience really matters

Undergoing weight loss treatment is a big decision, often patients have considered it for years before taking the plunge. 

For a long time patients were presented only with surgical options for obesity. Whilst these options can be good, they are also invasive. Weight Doctors® recognised early on that a large potion of weight loss patients are generally healthy with a BMI lower than 50. A minimally invasive, yet powerful procedure suits these patients perfectly. 

Weight Doctors® were amongst the first European specialists to provide Endoscopic treatment for weight loss and have grown to be the largest with centres across UK, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany and beyond. Not only that, Endoscopic treatment is our speciality and passion. 

Working with International experts such as Dr Devinder Bansi, Professor Karl Miller and Professor Thomas Hoelting soon saw Weight Doctors® at the cutting edge of endoscopic treatment and performing cases in high volume. 

Now ESG sits alongside traditional surgical weight loss methods, is approved for use within the NHS and attracts around 10'000 patients each year. 

With all this said, ESG is an intricate procedure only to be performed by experts who carry out the procedure routinely and with an excellent clinical team. At Weight Doctors®, patients can be confident of this expert team, alongside excellent clinical facilities and industry leading aftercare. Read more about the 12 best reasons to choose Weight Doctors®.

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Minimally invasive treatments for overweight patients:
Offering multiple advantages with manageable risks and few side effects


The advantages of this method over other surgical treatments for treating overweight and obesity in patients are obvious. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. There is no need for surgery. Medical risks therefore remain low and the therapy style allows the stomach to return to its original state at any time.
  2. Our treatments don’t require medication. This completely eliminates any undesirable side effects caused by medication.
  3. Our patients see weight loss from the first day following treatment due to the physical reduction of the stomach.

The expertise and experience of our Weight Doctors team and of our specialized doctors play a key role in the treatment of obesity.

With Weight Doctors, you can place your complete trust in a team of experts who have spent many years focusing on delivering professional competence, great treatment quality and absolute safety in medicine and hygiene standards to their patients.


“A permanent, non-surgical stomach reduction offers all the advantages of minimally invasive surgery without having to accept the potential risks and disadvantages of classical surgical treatments for obesity.”


Our non-surgical procedures are almost pain free and allow for quick recovery after the treatment. Being non-surgical they leave no incisions or scars. In most cases, you will be back home on the same day as your treatment.

Depending on the type of treatment chosen, the procedure usually takes 20 to 50 minutes. Your stay with Weight Doctors from admission to discharge on the day of your treatment is approximately 2.5 to 5 hours.

In almost all cases, we can undertake the procedure on an outpatient basis, i.e. without an overnight stay at our clinic. This means you can go home the same day and rest in your own bed. However, we also offer our patients the option of a short inpatient stay, which includes overnight accommodation in combination with medical supervision and professional infusion therapy. We’re happy to discuss possible options with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our procedures are suitable for overweight or obese patients with a BMI of approximately 27 to 48. In rare cases it is also possible to deviate from this range to undertake this procedure, when it is medically feasible to do so. In any case, patients must be motivated to want to change their lifestyle and make a change in their habits in order to enhance the effectiveness of their therapy.

Individual weight loss results will depend on the specific endoscopic stomach reduction treatment chosen and can also vary from case to case. This depends on your individual health characteristics and overall commitment to a long-term change in diet and lifestyle. However, it is very realistic to lose between 15kg – 25kg of weight within 3 to 4 months with our minimally invasive methods. A significantly higher weight loss can be achieved with our longer-term therapies lasting more than 1 year, or in the case of our adjustable or permanent endoscopic stomach reductions.

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