The pose® 2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology: advanced endoscopic technology for the treatment of obesity

The revolutionary pose® procedure, the first generation of permanent, non-surgical methods to reduce the size of the stomach, has been further developed after more than 12,000 procedures worldwide. The result is a highly effective alternative to surgery, without the risks. The primary goal of the pose®2 Endo-Sleeve technology was to develop a more restrictive method that ultimately promotes weight loss in a more targeted manner, without compromising the outstanding safety record of the proven pose® technology developed by US-based USgi Medical. 

The result is an almost perfect symbiosis: on the one hand, a technique that can be performed with no need for a surgical intervention (pose® 2 does not require a long recovery period). On the other hand, it comes remarkably close to the surgical principles of a sleeve gastrectomy. 


The advantages of a surgical sleeve gastrectomy, but without the serious risks

The pose® 2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology, also known as the non-surgical sleeve gastrectomy, is a brand new, innovative and scar-free treatment to reduce the size of the stomach. How does it work? First, an endoscope is inserted into the stomach through the mouth, as performed in a gastroscopy. Using special apparatus; tiny anchors and special sutures, the stomach wall is folded along the entire length of the stomach and then sutured.

This process causes two things to happen in the stomach: 1) the stomach becomes considerably narrower in width and 2) the stomach is shortened, i.e. made smaller in length. Together, this reduces stomach volume to about 40%.  The result here, is that even small amounts of food are sufficient to achieving a feeling of satiety and therefore causes the patient to eat less. 

The procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis during a single endoscopic session, where the patient is placed under general anaesthesia. The application of the pose® 2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology is permanent and should last for the rest of the patient’s life. 

Our patient Aleksandra talks about her experience with her non-surgical stomach reduction, Weight Doctors SLEEVE®

Why is the pose® 2 ENDO SLEEVE technology so effective in treating obesity?


Benefit #1
Have a reduced stomach size for good! The pose® 2 treatment can accompany you for the rest of your life. Due to the tubular reduction of the stomach, only a fraction of food volume can be consumed.

Benefit #2
The risk/benefit ratio is excellent: up to 75% reduction in stomach volume, approximately 50% reduction in excess weight after 6 months and none of the risks associated with conventional surgery.

Benefit #3
The downtime for a bariatric procedure has never been shorter: with the pose®2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology, you can be back to your normal routine after a long weekend.

Benefit #4
The pose®2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology doesn’t limit your quality of life. On the contrary, you’ll notice a noticeable improvement after just a few weeks.


Duration of the procedure

30-45 minutes

Type of anaesthesia

general anaesthesia



Pain level

very low




after 3 – 4 days




finance from £ 199 p.m.

Why choose the pose® 2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology?

People suffering from overweight, obesity and morbid obesity often experience immense physical and mental strain. In addition to the risk and prevalence of serious complications, there is often a significant impact on social life and social structures, sometimes leading to isolation. At this point, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to come out of this emotional and physical depression. Although the desire to lose weight may be strong, they may not have the strength to do it on their own. 


The pose®2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology is only available from the Weight Doctors with the Weight Doctors SLEEVE®

The Weight Doctors team has been helping patients regain their motivation and courage to improve their quality of life for almost two decades. We look back on thousands of wonderful moments with our patients and draw the greatest strength from the fact that they finally found their happiness again. Until now, however, we too have had to face certain limits in available medical technologies. With the Weight Doctors SLEEVE®, based on the pose®2 Endo-Sleeve technology, things are different: this technology is particularly suitable for patients who want to lose significantly more than 25 kg or have a BMI of more than 40 – precisely those patients who suffer the most from being overweight. Exclusively available at the Weight Doctors. 

Christine explains why she chose an incisionless Weight Doctors SLEEVE® over a Surgical Sleeve

Experience really matters

Undergoing weight loss treatment is a big decision, often patients have considered it for years before taking the plunge. 

For a long time patients were presented only with surgical options for obesity. Whilst these options can be good, they are also invasive. Weight Doctors® recognised early on that a large potion of weight loss patients are generally healthy with a BMI lower than 50. A minimally invasive, yet powerful procedure suits these patients perfectly. 

Weight Doctors® were amongst the first European specialists to provide Endoscopic treatment for weight loss and have grown to be the largest with centres across UK, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany and beyond. Not only that, Endoscopic treatment is our speciality and passion. 

Working with International experts such as Dr Devinder Bansi, Professor Karl Miller and Professor Thomas Hoelting soon saw Weight Doctors® at the cutting edge of endoscopic treatment and performing cases in high volume. 

Now ESG sits alongside traditional surgical weight loss methods, is approved for use within the NHS and attracts around 10'000 patients each year. 

With all this said, ESG is an intricate procedure only to be performed by experts who carry out the procedure routinely and with an excellent clinical team. At Weight Doctors®, patients can be confident of this expert team, alongside excellent clinical facilities and industry leading aftercare. Read more about the 12 best reasons to choose Weight Doctors®.

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The ingenious idea of pose®, taken to the next level

As the name suggests, pose®2 ENDO-SLEEVE is an endoscopic technology that does not require surgery. It involves suturing the stomach wall from the inside using a special anchoring system patented by US company USgi Medical. The procedure significantly reduces the volume of the stomach, up to 75% with the Weight Doctors. This results in an earlier feeling of fullness, even with small amounts of food. When using the pose®2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology as part of the Weight Doctors SLEEVE(R), excess weight is effectively reduced. 


Lose more than 50% of your excess weight after only 6 months

The chance to effectively lose weight for the long term without having to fear major surgical complications has never been as high as with the new pose® 2 ENDO SLEEVE technology. Clinical studies prove that on average, patients lose more than 50% of their excess weight, and only after a little more than 6 months. At the same time, the BMI of observed patients has been reported to drop from an average of 37 to 30. 

The pose® 2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology also presents some impressive results when compared to the first-generation pose® procedure. Not only do patients lose weight about 2 – 3 months faster, but they also lose about 20% more of their body weight in the first year. 

With the Weight Doctors SLEEVE®, based on pose®2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology, you have the opportunity to take back control. To improve your health and well-being. To start living a life you never thought possible. Your Weight Doctors consultants will help you maximise the benefits of the Weight Doctors SLEEVE® with appropriate diet and exercise programmes. 

professor thomas hoelting, md

“The pose® 2 ENDO SLEEVE technology finally does away with all prejudices against minimally invasive obesity treatment. This really is an excellent alternative for a gentle, effective and above all, permanent, treatment to address pathological obesity.”


The pose®2 Endo-Sleeve technology is an innovative technical platform that we use as part of our Weight Doctor SLEEVE® programme. The best way to think about it is this: The pose®2 technology represents the specialised and patented equipment, instruments and materials used as part of the delivery of our exclusive Weight Doctors SLEEVE®. 

The Weight Doctors SLEEVE® based on the pose®2 endo-sleeve technology is performed during a gastroscopy, i.e. endoscopically, under general anaesthesia. The procedure usually takes 30-45 minutes, in a very few cases up to 1 hour. An overnight stay is not usually necessary. A special liquid diet is recommended for the first 2 weeks. Solid foods are gradually reintroduced over a further 6 weeks to ensure optimal recovery.  

The pose®2 Endo-Sleeve is an extremely well tolerated and gentle technology. Complications are rare and can usually be treated conservatively, i.e. without the need for surgery. Slight bleeding from the suture site on the stomach, haematomas or injuries to the stomach or oesophagus may occur, but are extremely rare complications in the hands of an experienced specialist. 

However, the Weight Doctors would like to emphasise: Despite the very good safety profile and the minimally invasive nature, the Weight Doctors SLEEVE® in combination with the pose®2 Endo-Sleeve technology is a medical intervention that requires medical consultation and assessment by a specialist. We invite you to book a free consultation with one of our Weight Doctors SLEEVE® experts. 

The pose®2-ENDO-SLEEVE technology is an innovative endoscopic technology, developed from the technology of the pose® procedure: a treatment which has already been carried out over 12,000 times worldwide. 

Even when comparing it to the successful pose® procedure, the pose® Endo-Sleeve technology has already achieved significantly higher weight loss results in patients. On average, observed patients have lost more than 50% of their original excess weight after 6 to 7 months. Nearly 95% of all patients lose significant body weight in the first 6 months, i.e. in the double-digit percentage range.  

It is true that the technology of the pose®2-ENDO-SLEEVE does not quite reach the success rates of a gastric sleeve as offered in the Weight Doctors BARIATRICS® program. However, considering the higher risks and the longer recovery times for such methods, the pose® 2 ENDO SLEEVE technology is the stronger choice – and offers significant benefits to overall quality of life.  However, it is important to pay attention to how this technology is applied: at the Weight Doctors, we have developed a specific treatment approach that is modular and maximally tailored to the patient’s needs: Find out more about the Weight Doctors SLEEVE® procedures based on the pose®2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology. 

Our team has seen the most success with this method when patients show a strong commitment to making changes to lifestyle and eating behaviours and following recommendations to nutrition and exercise. 

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